Blog website SEO optimization


SEO Optimization plays important role in website ranking.

You can always pay for sponsored ads, but having and organic high ranking is always a better solution. Website speed, text and image optimization improves website ranking and help search engines to understand what website is about. With blog websites it is important to optimize each post and page, so that the website gets better rankings.

Since blog websites have very dynamic content, post authors can make SEO optimization improvements. With our video tutorials and website setup you will be able to write posts and optimize them with ease.



Blog SEO

Built on WordPress Open Source platform.


  • Optimization of website permanent pages
    (homepage, ‘about’ page, contact)
  • Image optimization and resize plugin
  • SEO Optimization plugin setup
  • Video tutorial ‘How to use SEO optimization tool’
  • Video tutoral ‘How to use image optimization tools’

Building a website on WordPress platform gives you ‘key in the hands’ and enables you to take care of your website in the future.
Open Source means that whole platform is open for modifications. With Open Source you get regular updates and thousands of applications which make your website safe and functional web space.

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