Blog website


Blog  websites are perfect if you are a freelance writer or journalist and you want your own piece of media to speak out.

These websites are easy-to-use with levels of access which enables you to have multiple authors with limited permissions. Websites comes with video tutorials on topic ‘How to use blog website and front end visual editor’.



Blog Website

Built on WordPress Open Source platform.


  • up to 5 menu items
    (example: landing / hero section, about me, blog, contact etc.)
  • responsive design
    (adaptive to all screen sizes)
  • dynamic design
    (video background, gallery, sliders etc)
  • designed blog page with sidebar navigation, category and tag setup
  • easy to use front editor
  • levels of users (admins, authors, editors etc)
  • Video tutorials with guide how to work with blog & posts

Building a website on WordPress platform gives you ‘key in the hands’ and enables you to take care of your website in the future.
Open Source means that whole platform is open for modifications. With Open Source you get regular updates and thousands of applications which make your website safe and functional web space.

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