Web shop


Online shops are the best way to sell your products and services world wide.

WordPress with WooCommerce is the easiest solution for small shops, so if you are starting to develop your own brand and you have up to 20 products – then this is solution for you!



Online shop

Built on WordPress Open Source platform.


  • main pages
  • responsive design
    (adaptive to all screen sizes)
  • Webshop setup
  • Shipping zones setup
  • Payment methods setup – cash on deliver and bank transfer
    ( Card and PayPal payments are not included in this package)
  • Multicurrency
    (up to 3 currencies)
  • Up to 20 products added by our team
  • SEO optimization tool
  • Video tutorials ‘How to add/edit products’

Building a website on WordPress platform gives you ‘key in the hands’ and enables you to take care of your website in the future.
Open Source means that whole platform is open for modifications. With Open Source you get regular updates and thousands of applications which make your website safe and functional web space.

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