Handmade jewelry store

Moon & Rabbit is handmade crystal jewelry brand founded in Serbia by Teodora Novakovic. Each piece of jewelry has it’s magical story behind and, together with Teodora, we recognized that it’s time to introduce this brand to the world.

Since Teodora takes care of her brand for years, her wish was to have a shop that she can update by herself. WordPress, combined with WooCommerce, was suitable solution. Therefore, website was tailored to become a tool which will be used by brand owner. Knowledge base in form of video tutorials was delivered next to the website – the complete tool with a guide.

Work done so far:

  • Website concept
  • Customized design
  • Shop customization
  • Multilingual platform setup
  • Blog
  • eBook
  • Knowledge base
    (or “Know-how for website”)

Website features:

  • Custom and responsive design
  • Multi-currency
  • Shop with documentation
  • Customer support
  • Sales analytics
  • Google analytics
  • Customized contact forms
  • SEO Optimization